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Wednesday, October 18

Fill in the Blank Week

For the lines (shown below), I decided to use each of them in fact for teeth on this carved pumpkin that I did for my fables theme on Instagram last week. So, it was actually in time for what would have been our picnic except for the delay! Funny things is, I've never actually carved a pumpkin myself. This is as close as I've ever come as we never did Halloween growing up in UK.  BTW, I used a manuscript pen with India ink and painted the brown background using Bombay ink and water — all a first for me!

Originally carved out turnips & gourds, the Jack-o-lantern dates back to a Victorian Irish fable about a wretched drunkard, Stingy Jack, who was left to roam the earth damned because of his life of deceitfulness & excessive drink. 

Sign up below and show us how you imagined the rest of the space. I should tell you too, I'm in an all-week meeting with work stuff where most evenings run quite late so will likely not be able to visit everyone until end of the week, sorry, but definitely will do so at some point! Thanks for playing along though. Can't wait to see what each of you do!

P.S. Reminder, here's the choice of lines from which we were to choose...

**New themes will be posted later this evening!

Sunday, October 8

New Theme with New Due date

Choose one shape below and fill in the blank/negative space:

Sign up here on 2017.10.18.
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Use #ScribblePicnic and join those of us using Instagram or Twitter.

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Oops! Just realised that  I never put up the new shape to work with for this week's theme! With only two days till Wednesday, that's not going to give any of you enough time so am extending the due date a week out.

My apologies for  not getting this up sooner. I got carried away with doing #inktober where one submits something every day using that hashtag, and likewise, checking out the others. Being able to choose ones own theme, I've decided to narrow in on Victorian and Medieval fables & folklore. It's been quite a challenge drawing something daily, let me tell you, let alone using pen and ink. On top of that, I'm also going through the alphabet!  It's fun though having some of you joining in the challenge there too. (Let's see if we can make it through the entire month.) For me, I'm keeping those sketches to about 30 mins tops or there's no way there would be any time for much else. :)

OK, see you later here ... or every day this month on my Instagram and Twitter! Keep creative and happy doodling. I wonder what each of you will do with one of these shapes? Door perhaps, anyone?

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