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Join Scribble Picnic

Join Scribble Picnic
A weekly art meetup to engage and encourage each other, exploring the same theme each week. Choose your preferred platform and join us there!

Your work is due each Wednesday, midnight MST. Please don't combine with other art co-ops.
(Upcoming themes are listed with due dates on this blog's side bar.)

How do I join (from a Blog)?
  • Post Scribble Picnic icon to your side bar and link back to here.
  • Copy and paste your art post's link into the latest Mr. Linky sign up provided each week.
  • Place name of current theme in your title and show it in your art.
  • This is a meetup co-op so people will visit you if you visit them.
How do I join in (from Instagram/Twitter)?
  •  Just use #ScribblePicnic and mention the theme. so others can find you. 
  •  Like all co-ops, people will visit you if you visit them.
Anything hands-on created or made: Doodles/sketches, painting, collage, 3D (could be a cake even).
Your art doesn't have to be completed but can even be a work in progress, combining Picnic themes.

Note: Photography can be used as a starter (like in collages) but should be manipulated beyond simply remaining in a photo editor like Photoshop.

Roll up your sleeves and join our picnic anytime! This is about finding time to create, having fun, growing as creatives and being part of an online artistic community. And it's fun to read what others post with their art too. :)
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